Flatfile.io Helps ClickUp Simplify Users’ Data Import Onboarding Experience

Posted by Elizabeth Bukys on Sep 6, 2019 12:20:36 PM
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ClickUp Powered by Flatfile, the new standard for data import.

By integrating Flatfile, ClickUp is able to provide an intuitive data import experience for their users. Flatfile enables ClickUp users’ to bulk-upload tasks, checklists, due dates, time estimates, and more, all from a CSV. ClickUp’s development team was able to integrate Flatfile over the course of a week, rather than build out a data importer of their own, saving valuable engineering time.

ClickUp is a project management productivity platform which helps anyone from individuals to entire teams create, plan, and organize everything.

Flatfile handles ClickUp’s user-facing CSV data imports into the Angular web app.

By integrating Flatfile, ClickUp’s users can bulk-upload tasks, checklists, due dates, time estimates, and more, all from a CSV. This makes ClickUp’s data import onboarding experience incredibly simple for new users.

Zeb Evans, CEO of ClickUp, originally discovered and recommended Flatfile.io during ClickUp’s early development stage as the tool of choice for handling user-facing CSV data imports. The team was more than willing to use a turn-key data import solution, rather than build it themselves.

Jerry, Back-end Engineer at ClickUp says: “It saved us a big task in implementing a CSV parser ourselves.”

Scott, Lead Front-end Engineer at ClickUp says: “I was excited to leap frog using Flatfile rather than start from scratch on our own.”

Integrating Flatfile proved to be a simple project for ClickUp’s developer team. The Flatfile developer documentation contains a JSON configurator and snippet to quickly help teams test a Flatfile integration in their application.

Scott: “Everything was pretty easy! Flatfile worked right out of the box. It was a good experience, and the importer did what we wanted it to do. I had to hack little things like multiple values in a cell, but followed the documentation. You have a demo app and I reused most of that.”


Flatfile’s simple JSON configurator allows CSV fields to be mapped to specific data models seamlessly. Subsequent CSV data imports from users will adhere to this data model.

Flatfile’s simple configuration and detailed developer documentation allowed the team to fully integrate Flatfile into ClickUp’s angular framework within a week.

Scott: “It was really easy and didn’t take very long to integrate. We worked on a few custom things, which took at most a few hours a day. A lot of times integrations don’t work right away, but Flatfile worked almost immediately. The developer docs were easy to read and helpful.”

Jerry: “For the majority of the features, we didn’t work on the integration for more than a week.”

The team appreciated the user-friendliness of the Flatfile importer. Its neutral visual interface also helps the data importer blend seamlessly into any SaaS product.

Jerry: “The thing that I noticed first was the user interface. It’s really nice and user-friendly. Flatfile also has a very neutral UI. Even though it’s not our UI specifically, it still visually fits in the product.”


Flatfile in action. The data importer can be integrated into any application using a JavaScript snippet. Take Flatfile for a spin at: https://flatfile.io/developers

On top of requiring little to no upkeep, the team has benefited tremendously from Flatfile’s handling of support requests, and frequent improvements to the importer, areas they would have been unable to focus on themselves.

Jerry: “You’ve been able to help us out with issues and have pushed the appropriate updates quickly whenever we have an issue. We still get imports all the time and never get bug reports.”

Success stories like ClickUp’s are the reason why we’re building Flatfile.io. Saving our customers time and effort from building custom solutions is nice, but creating a great experience for a process that used to be frustrating is what keeps us going. The Flatfile team is ambitious in our pursuit of delightful data imports, and we look forward to working with ClickUp and all of our customers to solve all the pain points with getting data into web-based software applications.

About ClickUp
ClickUp is a productivity platform that provides a fundamentally new way to work. More than just task management — ClickUp offers notes, reminders, goals, calendar, scheduling, and even an inbox. Fully customizable, ClickUp works for every type of team, so all teams can use the same app to plan, organize, and collaborate.

To learn more about ClickUp’s productivity platform, visit clickup.com.

About Flatfile
Flatfile is the new standard for data import. By improving the speed, accuracy, and user experience associated with file uploads, Flatfile has earned the trust of dozens of SaaS companies eager to improve their customers’ file import experience. The company, founded in 2018, is comprised of leaders with experience building innovative solutions at Hubspot, AirBnB, Envoy, MailChimp, FullStory, and others. To learn more about Flatfile, contact hello@flatfile.io or start a 30-day free trial at flatfile.io.

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