Flatfile Portal 2.0 - the biggest update to our CSV importer yet!

Posted by David Boskovic on Jan 24, 2020 5:38:55 PM
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Introducing the biggest update to our CSV importer - Portal 2.0

Flatfile just got way more powerful.

We’ve been hard at work implementing all your feedback and are excited to announce the biggest update to our importer yet. Welcome to Portal 2.0.

This is part 1 of a 7-part deep dive into Flatfile Portal 2.0, view other parts here!

30+ new features flatfile-io-data-importer-portal-2-0-major-release-overview


Data Hooks Review-only mode
Lookup fields Performance boost
Dropzone support Column rollups
File preloading Nested data
Webhooks Rich theming
Custom scripts Custom fonts
Field splitting Value merging
Data audit trail Rich custom fields
Testing mode Framework components
XLS sheet selection Text customization
XML support + dozens more


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Data Hooks flatfile-io-csv-importer-new-feature-major-release

We’re giving you more power than ever before with Data Hooks. You can run complex validation, normalize formats into a standard, transform values in real time, and much more.

Automatically format CSV data such as country codes, zip codes, dates, and addresses using data hooks with Flatfile Portal.

Get setup with data hooks

Lookup Fields flatfile-io-csv-importer-by-request-major-release

We’re launching a new type of field to support a hotly requested feature: Lookup fields will allow you to link a value in an import to an external API or database.

Flatfile.io - Lookup fields will allow you to link a value in a user's CSV import to an external API or database.
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Design Update flatfile-io-csv-importer-major-release-joy

We freshened up the interface, making it cleaner and more customizable.

Flatfile.io - Portal 2.0 release - Updated CSV import UI dashboard, customizable styling and interface.

Speed Improvements flatfile-io-csv-importer-reactjs-performance-major-release

The platform is beefed up as well. We process data more than 6 times faster than before, and we've improved auto-matching logic means that import column headers are correctly matched to your data model up to 95% of the time. The package size has also been optimized to be 3x smaller than before.

Flatfile.io - Portal 2.0 update results in 6x faster CSV import processing!

Flatfile Portal 2.0

Want to get started with the Portal 2.0 public beta? Grab 15 minutes with Eric or myself to review the features you need and make sure they're enabled for your account.


PS. Flatfile is built on your feedback. We appreciate you for helping us build a better experience every day. If you ever have ideas or suggestions, share them with us, or you can even schedule a call with Randy (our product lead) to discuss them.

Flatfile for your CS team? flatfile-io-request-for-input

Does your success or services team spend time on-boarding customer data?

We've got something special in the works, and would love to get your early feedback! Sign-up here to chat with our product team.


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